Trust me, what you need is a terrarium. You might think that you need a vacation or a drink or a fast car. But really, all you need is a terrarium. Not only will a terrarium give your creativity a sparkling outlet, but it will bring you peace. Beyond enabling you to grow plants and profile nature where you could never host horticulture before, a terrarium is fully capable of soaking up the frustrations in your world. Don’t believe me? Try one.

How do I know so much about terrariums? I make them all the time. Seriously, my house is filled with terrariums. I have experience in this venue and plenty of it. I started making terrariums as a child and it became an obsession when I started growing houseplants bigtime. At any given moment, my home is filled with 20+ terrariums. I wrote the first terrarium book out there on the subject — The New Terrarium (Clarkson Potter, 2009) — and I give lectures and terrarium workshops throughout the country. I speak to groups ranging from garden clubs and school classrooms to seniors (check out my schedule for a talk or workshop near you on the most recent “Where I’m At” post). I see myself as a missionary of the gardening kind. Want to talk about a lecture or workshop? You can reach me at

This blog is a spin off from You wanted to hear more about terrariums. You begged for a forum to talk about gardening within glass. So here comes Case closed.

photography copyrighted by Kindra Clineff

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