Small Worlds — Big Role

copyright Kindra Clineff from The New Terrarium

You started this. That’s right, back in 2009 when The New Terrarium (Clarkson Potter) came out — you demanded workshops. It began with an inner city public school system inviting me to come and coach their librarians on the fundamentals of terrarium-building. Then those librarians returned to their urban schools and taught the teachers. And the teachers went back to the classrooms and before long their students were making terrariums. And pretty soon, peace and happiness prevailed across the land. At least — that’s the goal.
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If everyone would make a terrarium, the world will be a less stressful place. If everyone would teach someone else to make a terrarium, we will all be one step closer to universal peace. You laugh. But it’s possible. Right? Anyway, it’s worth a try.

Look into a terrarium, and you become part of that miniature world. It soaks up all your stress. Thanks to that little glass-enclosed garden, nature is infused into your hectic day. And terrariums are capable of thriving where most plants are doomed — so they can go into the trenches. Because terrariums prefer low light and require very little maintenance, they’re perfect for the otherwise nature-bereft depths of our hyper-busy lives. Grow a terrarium in your office cubicle, bring it into the classroom, have it in your home. And every time you walk by your terrarium, give it a glance. See what I mean?
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Now, share that moment with someone else. Teach someone to make a terrarium. Give a small green world (a world that can survive on autopilot, I might add) as a gift for a birthday, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter — whenever. Come to think of it — Why do you need an excuse? Just share the green. Give nature a chance. Pass it along…

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